Exterior Facing Stone

The use of natural materials in the home is a preferred practice in construction today. More and more architects are incorporating cladding stone into their projects to refresh, break up and beautify the exterior of the building.

Exterior facing stone

External walls

One of the most common interior design decisions in the home is the cladding of the house and exterior walls. This application is also present in the old Bulgarian houses.

The cladding of the exterior walls of the house can be in different shapes and sizes. Only one wall can be treated – all or parts of it. A common practice is to clad the columns and foundations of the home with exterior facing stones.

The exterior cladding is a symbol of durability and reliability. As the stones are extremely strong, the cladding exterior facing stone is virtually eternal and indestructible. The stones retain heat and add extra insulation to the home.

Exterior facing stone

External stairs

Another use of Exterior Facing Stone is its use to “beautify” the exterior stairs of a home.

Not only will gneiss change the look of old stairs, but it will make them stronger, more durable, and safer due to the rough texture of the stone which prevents slipping.

Entrances and fences

If you have already chosen to use Exterior Facing Stones for the stairs in front of your home, you can also opt for a facing at the entrance. This can be expressed by lining the front porch, porch, columns, or landing in front of the front door.

This cladding will add extra beauty and authenticity to your home.

Another application of the stone is its use for lining fences, as the material gives a sense of durability, resistance, and security.

The Exterior Facing Stone, used for fences, should be thinner so as not to add unnecessary bulk to the fence, but at the same time be strong so that the fence is sturdy. Exterior Facing Stone will give a unique look and beautiful appearance to your fence.

Exterior facing stone

External hearth

Exterior facing stone

Each fireplace is constructed of fire-resistant material. Some rely on a complete stone construction, which gives the fireplace an older look. An outdoor fireplace does not have to be made of building stone, just the gneiss lining is sufficient. Exterior Facing Stones also do not burn and are the ideal solution for fireplaces and hearths.


Exterior facing stone

Outdoor enthusiasts can use our Exterior Facing Stone for their outdoor BBQ. This will make your barbecue even more robust, beautiful, and resistant to natural phenomena as well as the impact of humans.

The facing stone can be combined with wood or another natural material, adding to the authenticity of your barbecue and bringing it even closer to nature.

Water areas

Another application of exterior facing stones is in cladding water areas such as swimming pools and their accompanying wet areas, fountain, fountain, etc.

The product is waterproof, i.e. it does not change when exposed to water. Using it to line water areas guarantees durability and reliability for years to come, but let’s not forget the beauty of the end result.

Several parts of the home’s exterior are ideal for decoration with exterior facing stone. If you are not sure which material is right for your site, contact us at STONE 3 and we will give professional advice straight away.

Exterior facing stone