Roofing and Paving Tiles at good prices

Gneiss tiles are strong and durable natural stone tiles that contain granite. They are found in a variety of sizes and colours. The color range varies depending on the mineral composition of the soil. Stone tiles have a rough surface and possess a natural beauty.

They are present in the construction of Bulgarian Renaissance houses. Today, gneiss tiles are a preferred material with many applications in construction, architecture, and design.

Paving Tiles

The rough surface of Tiles makes them a popular choice for flooring. This is also due to the fact that the tiles are durable for daily use and resistant to natural conditions.

Pumpkins find application in the exterior and interior space of the home. With them, you can create paths, alleys, and various decorations in the yard. They are suitable for placement on sand bases, lawns, and concrete.

Natural paving stones are large in size and are suitable for covering large open spaces.

Flooring tiles

Roofing Tiles

Another application of gneiss tiles is their use for roofing of all types of buildings and construction. This architectural solution holds many advantages for the home such as security and reliability.

Tiled roofs are an investment that will withstand the elements for many years. They are strong, waterproof and do not break. The material is environmentally friendly, of natural origin, and does not harm the environment and people.

Stone tiles are an original and beautiful aesthetic solution for your roof.

Roof tiles

Facing Tiles

Tiles of natural stone are also suitable for lining outdoor and indoor spaces. A common practice is to place them at the base of the house to create insulation and an extension of the gneiss flooring.

The stone tiles can be used to line walls, fences, barbecues, fireplaces, courtyard seating areas, stairs, etc.

Facing Tiles


Restoration tiles

Tiles made of natural stone are an essential part of Renaissance houses and are therefore widely used in the restoration process of old Bulgarian homes. They are used to renew the roofs and the exterior of the building while helping to preserve its authentic appearance and Renaissance spirit.


Cooking tiles

A more unconventional use of stone crucibles is in cooking. This is due to the fact that the material is resistant to heating and the effects of fire. The plate is easy to clean and heats slowly but retains heat for a long time.

Stone tiles are used in fireplaces and hearths and serve for the easy preparation of a wide variety of dishes over a slow fire.