Natural stone Gneiss

STONE-3 is a manufacturer of gneiss and has a well-stocked warehouse for natural stone. The company specializes in the extraction, processing and sale of natural stones for cladding and flooring, roofing, construction and decoration. Our catalog features unformed and formed gneiss in a variety of colors and sizes. STONE-3’s beautiful natural stone slabs are made by experienced professionals and modern machinery.

What is Natural Gneiss Stone?

Natural stone is a type of metamorphic rock that contains a large amount of granite. Granite is renowned for its natural appearance and exceptional strength and durability in all weather conditions. Natural stone tiles are among the most popular natural materials used in construction, architecture and interior design. 

The natural stone gneiss has a number of advantages. It is an extremely strong, sustainable and beautiful natural material that integrates easily into a variety of architectural and interior styles. It complements not only the appearance of the buildings, but also their efficiency by adding extra insulation and strength.

The great popularity and varied uses of gneiss over the years is due to its many advantages. One of the most common fixture of the material is the use of natural stone for wall cladding and creating beautiful mosaics of natural stone. It is also a preferred material for building and construction. Gneiss flooring is also used to build durable natural stone flooring. 

The beautiful natural wall stone can be used for cladding and decoration of any building. Gneiss is an investment that guarantees durability, reliability and security. 

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