7 ideas for tiling with white marble

7 идеи за облицовки с бял мрамор
White marble is one of the most elegant materials for interior and exterior cladding.

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White marble is one of the most delicate and elegant materials used for cladding in interior design and architecture. This is due to the simple look and beauty of the material, which makes it suitable for combining with any style.

The beautiful white marble has many advantages. It’s strong and resistant to water, moisture, varying temperatures, etc. This makes it perfect for cladding and decorating.

In this article, we will introduce some of the main applications of marble stones and give you interesting ideas for interior and exterior cladding.

Marble floors

White marble is used to create beautiful flooring as it is easy to combine and gives an elegant look to the room. Marble floors symbolize sophistication, sustainability, and luxury.

White flooring adds space and light to the space. Their light color and clean look make them suitable for combining different interior styles. They are an ideal complement to contemporary, minimalist, classic, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean designs. In addition, they combine beautifully with different types and colors of furniture and decorative elements.

White marble flooring is durable and resilient, even when subjected to heavy daily use. The only requirements for maintaining the original appearance are timely care. With proper maintenance, marble retains its luster and beauty for many years.

White marble floors offer a unique look, combining refinement, elegance, and durability. With their beautiful and simple, yet elegant look, they transform any room.

Facings with white marble in the interior

Cladding with white marble is a popular way to give a sophisticated look to the interior of the home, office, and other types of rooms. The options are decorating the interior space of buildings are many and varied.

White marble tiles are ideal for cladding interior walls. They are particularly popular for living rooms, kitchens, staircases, entrances, and hallways. This technique gives a feeling of freshness and spaciousness, visually increasing the size of the space in which it is located.

The preferred option for tiling with marble is to place it all over the wall, for example behind the TV in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, etc. This draws the eye and adds a major accent to the room.

Another idea for using white marble in the interior is to line the kitchen niche with marble. This technique adds a sophisticated and modern look to the kitchen.

White marble is the preferred material for cladding entrances, corridors, and staircases because of its durability and durability. This natural material adds an extra decorative accent to the respective rooms, creating a feeling of style and luxury as soon as you enter our home.

Marble cladding can create impressive visual effects in the interior space of a home or office. The variety of sizes and shapes on the market provides the opportunity to create a myriad of unique and one-of-a-kind interior finishes.

Bathroom with white marble

The white marble bathroom is extremely stylish and luxurious. The white color gives a sophisticated and bright look, which helps to make the room look brighter, airy, and clean.

Marble is a natural material that is resistant to water and moisture, making it ideal for bathroom interiors. It is suitable for tiling in different parts of the room – behind the sink and mirror, under the shower, and even along the entire wall.

Marble accents in the bathroom can completely change the visual space. One idea to break up the design of the room is to line the wall behind the sinks and mirror with white marble. Another idea is placing small marble tiles under the shower or behind the bathtub.

An additional accent can be created using LED lighting to highlight the beauty of the white marble. Stone cladding is easy to maintain and clean, although there are requirements, such as using gentle detergents.

The white marble bathroom creates a feeling of calm, freshness, and spaciousness.

Marble mosaics

A versatile proposal for white marble cladding is the creation of marble mosaics – cladding made entirely of stacked small pieces of marble. The mosaics can be in one color or multi-colored, mixing different types of stones.

Each marble mosaic can be constructed differently. This creates a variety of designs and visual effects. With their uniqueness and uniqueness, they give a beautiful and sophisticated look to any room.

Although marble mosaics are created using small pieces of marble, they retain the basic characteristics of materials – durability, and resistance. They are easy to maintain as they do not trap dust and dirt on themselves.

Marble mosaics with white marble are suitable for placement in interior and exterior spaces and add style and a finished look to a building.

Fireplace with marble

A fireplace with marble is another exquisite idea for lining with beautiful material. Marble is a fire-resistant product and is suitable for application in the interior space as it has a decorative character.

A white marble fireplace looks luxurious and enhances the aesthetics of the room by adding accent and visual focus. This type of cladding is mainly used for decorative purposes and to add comfort to the room.

Marble interior fireplace surrounds blend easily with a variety of interior styles and other elements in the room, creating a stylish and warm atmosphere for the home’s residents.

Facade cladding with white marble

White marble is often used in architecture as a facade cladding of buildings. As well as adding elegance to the building, the material is sustainable and offers a number of exterior benefits. This includes its durability and resistance to the elements, water, strong sun, etc. Marble keeps its beautiful appearance intact even after years, while painting, for example, gets dirty and wears out quickly.

The facade cladding with white marble decorates the building and distinguishes it with uniqueness, style, and sophistication among others. Other benefits that make white marble exterior cladding so appealing are the ease of maintenance, insulation, and contemporary architectural look.

White marble swimming pool

Natural stones, including marble, are extremely suitable for creating beautiful linings for swimming pools and other water areas. This is due to their resistance to the effects of moisture, water, and typical chemical phenomena.

White marble pools look stylish and luxurious. They add sophistication to landscape design and symbolize class and splendor. The white color of the marble gives the water a crystal clear color thanks to its light shades and ability to reflect light.

White marble has a smooth surface that makes it much easier to clean dirt. This also contributes to the convenience and comfort of using the lined pool, as it does not hurt the skin on contact.

White marble-lined pools flawlessly combine beauty and functionality. They have a clean and simple look that contributes to relaxation and tranquility.

White marble is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural materials used for cladding. The results that are obtained when cladding with marble are elegant and sophisticated and look stylish and luxurious.

White marble cladding is a suitable decorative solution for both the interior and exterior of the building. They are used to decorate rooms, facades, and courtyards. Combine with all design architectural and interior styles and furniture.

Marble cladding in white adds freshness, light, and space. They are a favorite decoration technique of many interior designers and architects around the world. STONE-3 offers a variety of Marble – shaped white marble and cut stone tiles Marble Glitz.

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