Gabions for fence – beauty and practicality

Габиони за ограда – красота и практичност
Fence gabions are a beautiful and functional landscape and engineering solution for any building.

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Fencing is essential to the appearance of a home and the functionality of yard spaces. One of the most innovative and beautiful options for stone fences that is becoming increasingly popular is gabion fences.

Essence of gabions

Gabions are structures constructed of steel mesh with an opening at the top end. The term is derived from the Italian “gabbione” and can be translated as “large cage”.

Although gabions are sturdy metal structures, they are filled with chopped natural stones. The filling makes the construction even more resistant to external influences.

Gabions are functional, durable, and aesthetically appealing structures. They offer a wide range of applications in landscape and engineering design.

STONE-3 offers a variety of natural stones for gabions in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Application of gabions

Gabions are mainly used in the exterior space of buildings and have many applications in landscape architecture and engineering design.

  • Gabions for fences: the most popular application of steel mesh is its use for fences around houses, cooperatives, residences, and commercial and public buildings. Gabion fences are ideal for creating comfort and a sense of security in the yard. They combine style, sustainability, and functionality.
  • Gabions for retaining walls: gabions are also often used to build retaining walls, whose function is to support and strengthen slopes and uneven terrain. Gabion walls are ideal for providing stability, especially in hilly areas.
  • Gabions for coastal defenses: in marine areas, around large rivers and dams, gabions serve to reinforce and protect the coasts by providing natural drainage and resistance against large waves and tides.
  • Gabions for planting plants: steel structures filled with gneiss are often used as containers for planting plants. They provide ideal growing conditions because of the quality of the natural stones to hold the soil and help drain water.
  • Gabions for soundproofing: gabion stones provide density to the nets, giving them soundproofing properties. Gabions therefore often serve as a sound barrier. They are especially popular in areas of noisy streets, railways, train stations, etc.
  • Gabions as a decorative element in landscape design: gabions are also popular in landscape design as a decorative element. They are most often used to create decorative waterfalls, fountains, benches, bridges, etc. This application is due to the beauty and functionality of the filling of natural stones.

Gabions are a design element that is easily adapted and changed. This contributes, precisely, to the wide range of different applications.

Габиони за ограда приложение

Advantages of gabions fences

Gabion fencing offers a host of benefits that make it such a popular choice, applicable in any outdoor space.

The main advantage of gabions is that they are made of a strong metal mesh and stone filling. This makes them extremely durable and resistant to various external influences, including high or low temperatures, moisture, rain, wind, strong waves, etc.

Due to their strength and durability, gabions for fences are also popular for their long life. Even when subjected to serious trials.

Gabion fences have a natural beauty. They are a stylish aesthetic solution that blends easily with the other elements of the exterior design. This advantage is due to the fact that the metal meshes can be filled with different colors, sizes, and shapes of natural stones for gabions.

The steel structures filled with gneiss allow the water to pass through seamlessly. This helps to create a natural drainage system that prevents the risk of flooding and further extends the life of the fence.

Due to the easy passage of water, gabions are effective in combating soil erosion. They do not allow the dust to pass, even in heavy rains. This makes them extremely useful on hilly terrain.

In addition to all these advantages (durability, functionality, and beauty), fence gabions are easy to install and their flexibility makes them easy to apply to different projects.

Types of gabions

Due to the variety of applications, there are also different types of gabions.

The main type of gabions is gabion nets constructed of steel. They are a popular choice for walls and fences. They can be rectangular, square, or in some more special shape.

Gabion baskets are structures pre-made in this form. They are very easy to install, making them a preferred option, especially in decorative applications.

Gabion columns are also manufactured. These are rectangular or cylindrical in shape, usually forming columns and pillars. This look provides additional stability and decor to landscape designs.

Another type of gabions are structures for railings and barriers. They are mainly used on main roads, highways, bridges, and other large infrastructure structures because, in addition to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, they provide a high level of protection and insulation.

Gabion hoists are special structures for bank and river stabilization. They are composed of rows of interconnected gabion baskets placed on special support structures. Their purpose is to prevent erosion and retain soil in the shoreline area.

Choosing the right type of gabions depends on the specific needs and requirements of each project. All varieties are filled with natural stone cuttingsspecialized for the type of steel mesh.

Видове габиони за ограда

Design of gabions for fence

All types of fence gabions feature a unique design and appearance that makes them an attractive choice for many projects.

Metal nets offer a great variety of possible designs. Filler stones can come in different combinations – in shape, color, size, and even texture. In this way, unique combinations are created to suit the respective architectural style.

Gabion fences give an organic look to the outdoor space because they easily blend in with their surroundings. This makes them extremely suitable for installation in nature – in forest areas, cottages, grassy areas, etc.

Gabion fences are not completely dense and allow light to pass through. Steel structures are easily combined with other materials (e.g. wood, other types of metal, glass, etc.) to create an additional decorative element.

Fence gabions have the ability to easily fit into any architectural style. They are flexible and easily adaptable to different types of yard space. This allows their creation according to the individual requirements of each client and his personal project.

Габиони за ограда – красота и практичност

Practicality and functionality

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, gabions are an extremely practical solution for any home.

Gabions are constructed from very strong materials such as steel, metal, and natural stones, making them very durable and resilient to a range of adverse external influences including moisture, water, high and low temperatures, and even UV rays.

The robustness of the fences ensures the protection and security of any building and outdoor space. They restrict access to the site and maintain a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

Fence gabions have the ability to absorb and dissipate sound waves and reduce noise. This gives them strong sound insulation properties. In addition, they have the ability to strengthen the soil and reduce erosion.

Gabions are easy to install and maintain and do not require special tools. They can be installed by both professionals and people with little knowledge in this field.

Габиони за ограда – красота и практичност

Maintenance of gabions fences

Gabion fences require minimal maintenance. They should be cleaned regularly, especially if a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated. Cleaning natural stone can be done with a broom, brush, and even with water and detergent.

Gabion maintenance also includes checking for damage to the stones or metal mesh, which can easily be replaced or repaired. Consideration should also be given to the drainage system installed, if any. Replacement of the gneiss is important, as is frequent inspection for corrosion.

Proper maintenance of fence gabions will ensure their longevity and preserve their functionality.

Fence gabions are a beautiful and functional landscape and engineering solution for any building. They have many properties and benefits that make them such a popular choice today.

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