The advantages of facing stone

Natural stone advantages
The facing stone has quite a few advantages and a few disadvantages. Find out who they are.

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What is a Facing Stone?

Natural stone is a strong, sustainable, and beautiful natural material. The strength of the material is due to its granite content. The stone comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The durability of the product is expressed in its resistance to different natural conditions as well as to the effects of time. If you have noticed the old Bulgarian houses, the facing stone on them has been standing for hundreds of years. The beauty of the stone and the colors in which it is found are the result of the minerals and substances present in the soil when it was formed.

Exterior Facing stone is a natural stone ideal for creating cladding in exteriors.

What are the advantages of external facing stone?

The exterior facing stone is an extremely robust material. It doesn’t break, crack or crumble, and keeps its beautiful appearance for years to come. The product is environmentally friendly and harms neither humans nor nature, making it perfect for use in modern settings.

Gneiss is a resistant material. This is reflected in the cold and heat resistance. The stone is not altered by the high or low temperatures of its surroundings. Water and fire also do not affect the Facing gneiss.

The beauty of the facing stones is also a significant advantage of the material. It produces really beautiful finishes and decorations that completely change the look of a home.

Another advantage is the rich product variety. The stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, meaning that each and every lining will be different and unique.

What is the external facing stone used for?

Generally speaking, the exterior facing stone is used to create beautiful finishes in the exterior of buildings. Exterior facing stone is specialized for exterior cladding and decoration.

The possibilities for decoration are many and varied. Each stone is unique and unrepeatable, as will be the results after tiling.

Can it be used for interior lining?

The facing stone is also suitable for interior lining. Its beauty and durability will add a natural glow to your hallway, living room or bedroom.

Thanks to its resistance, the stone also adds extra insulation to the room, which can be a big plus on cold winter days. The product itself offers a huge variety of design solutions for application in the home.

Disadvantages of facing stones

The problems associated with this stone origin from the need for competent craftsmen to install the building material correctly and without remarks. It is very important to trust a team with years of experience in cladding. They will install and grout the material properly.

Natural stone for cladding is common in Bulgarian construction as our rich land has it in abundance. However, if you wish to order such a product, always trust a supplier with a solid reputation and modern equipment.

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