Types of decorative stones for garden

Types of decorative stone
Different types of decorative stones have different applications such as decor of gardens, yards, parking lots, water areas, aquariums, etc.

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The yard can be transformed into a real paradise with the right decoration. To help you realize your wildest decorative dreams, the STONE-3 team presents different types of decorative stones for the garden and several suggestions for using them as part of the yard decor.

Decorative stones - properties

Decorative stone is a natural or man-made product designed to enhance the appearance of the home, garden, and yard. These are small smooth pebbles, without edges and bumps.

Natural decorative stones are of natural origin. It is an environmentally friendly product. They can be different types – marine, white, granite, river stones etc.

Artificial stones are made of synthetic materials such as cement, concrete, etc. Their purpose is to imitate natural stones but without having all their characteristics.

The properties of decorative stones approach those of natural stones, marble, granite, etc. They have a long life and are resistant to moisture, water, and temperature changes. They are easy to maintain and have excellent durability.

Decorative stones come in a variety of shapes and colors. Each pebble has a unique appearance – a different shape and shade. This helps the product look beautiful and attractive in large and small spaces.

Application of decorative stones

Decorative stones have many applications – in architecture and interiors. They are particularly important for Landashft design. Mainly their application includes decor in courtyards such as covering playgrounds, creating paths in the garden, and building individual areas such as fountains, curbs, etc.

They are used to create beautiful wall linings, steps, and stairs. They serve to retain soil, reduce erosion and facilitate drainage.

In addition to the exterior, decorative stones are also present in the interior. They are used for decor and decoration of walls, aquariums, and plant pots.

The individual types of decorative stones serve to create a variety of decorations, with each pattern standing out in a particular setting. Different stones are preferred are different areas in the garden, yard, parking lot, and water areas.

White decorative stones

White decorative stones are one of the most preferred types of decorative stones for the garden. They are an attractive choice for decor. This is due to their unique characteristics and beautiful appearance that exudes purity and elegance.

The white stones create a fresh and stylish atmosphere. With their exquisite white color, they brighten up the space making it visually larger, more expansive, and giving a feeling of spaciousness. They reflect light, which can make the garden brighter.

This type of decorative stone creates a beautiful contrast with the other colors in the yard space. Placed next to the plants, they highlight their forms and beauty. With the help of the white color, an aesthetic balance and an intriguing visual effect are achieved.

Another reason why white stones are such a popular choice for garden decor is their versatility. They can be used in all parts of the yard – in the water areas, the parking lot, lining the walls, filling empty spaces between plants, and creating pathways. They go perfectly with different types of garden design and style – from modern, to classic and even Mediterranean.

They combine seamlessly with other materials such as wood, natural stone gneiss, and other colors of decorative stones.

Black decorative stones

Black stones are also one of the popular types of decorative stones for gardens. They add a bold and elegant look to the home’s outdoor space. The black color creates a sense of depth and spaciousness by visually extending the space.

The beautiful Black Decorative Stones create a strong contrast with the other elements of the yard. Placed close to the plants, they highlight their beautiful shapes and shades so that they look more vivid and saturated.

Black stones are not as versatile as white stones. They are the preferred choice for complementing modern, contemporary garden designs. They blend well with minimalist styles and light wood. They are often present even in exotic gardens.

Their application is varied – they can be used for filling parking lots and as flooring. Another preferred application is placing them around plant beds, around the fireplace, and in water areas – fountains, pools, and decorative ponds.

Purple decorative stones

Decorative garden stones can add uniqueness and color to a space. Such an effect is easily achieved by purple decorative stones. With their fresh color, they attract attention and add visual appeal and expression to the yard.

Purple stones are a sophisticated and harmonious option for garden decor. Although they have more specific shades, they are easy to combine with other colors in the yard. An extremely expressive and stylish combination is obtained when they are located among green areas. Not only do the greenery and plants stand out but also the color and shapes of the stones.

This type of decorative stone can be used alone or combined with others to create a more interesting look. Beautiful combinations with a different look can be created by combining purple and white or purple and black stones.

Purple stones pair perfectly with grey or dark garden furniture, white or black wood, and gneiss tiles in matching shades. They are mainly used to divide areas in the garden – creating a sense of structure with paths, borders, and dividing strips. They are often laid as paving for car parks and recreation areas.

They are particularly effective placed in water as they create a sense of depth, calm, and mystery. It is for these reasons that purple decorative stones are a popular choice for placement in fountains, aquariums, and other types of water areas.

Decorative Sea Stones

Decorative sea stones are natural stones that have acquired their shape and color from their time in salt sea water. They have unique textures, shapes, and colors, making them a preferred material for decorating garden areas.

The beautiful Decorative sea stones give a natural, natural look, tranquility, and harmony to the decorated space. They are found in a variety of shapes and shades. Their variety makes them ideal for combining different styles of garden design. They are a perfect complement to the Mediterranean style. They blend well with minimalist, contemporary, and even traditional designs.

Sea stones are extremely resistant to all-natural conditions. Their durability and long life make them ideal for laying as part of pavements and playgrounds. They can be used for playgrounds and paths in the yard. They are also very suitable as part of the decor of water areas in the garden, as they give a natural look to fountains, artificial ponds, and waterfalls.

Maintenance of decorative stones

All types of decorative stones – white, black, purple, and sea – are very easy to maintain and care for. This is due to the characteristics it has such as durability, resistance to moisture, water, and large temperature changes.

Cleaning decorative stones is quick and convenient, even when they are heavily soiled. They can be cleaned with water or just a dry broom.

Ideas for decorative stones in the garden

The different types of decorative garden stones have a myriad of different uses. They can be used to create a variety of decorations in the yard.

Stone Paths:

According to experts, decorative sea stones are ideal for creating beautiful paths in the garden. They are durable, blend well with the environment and provide an amazing natural look. This type of garden stone is so preferred for building “roads” because of the stable surface for passing.

Flower bed decor:

White decorative stones are definitely the most suitable stones for decorating flower beds. Their color reflects the light and brightens the plants. White creates a beautiful and stylish backdrop against which the beauty and colors of nature stand out. In addition to the purely aesthetic function, this type of decorative garden stone protects the roots of flowers and ensures a good degree of water drainage.

Water areas with purple stones:

Purple decorative stones reveal their full beauty when set as decor in water areas. Water brings out all the shades of color and their appeal. This decor gives a deep, natural, and mysterious look to the yard. Therefore, the main use of purple stones is in the decoration of fountains, pools, artificial ponds, and waterfalls.

Relief and separation of areas in the yard:

Black stones with their rich color are ideal for creating relief and separating different areas in the yard. Black shades give depth and drama, so the stones are often used to create small walls and stairs. An extremely beautiful effect is obtained when placed among green plants and grassy areas.

Playground Coverage:

All types of garden stones are suitable for filling large areas such as car parks, barbecues, and recreation areas. An interesting technique is mixing several different colours and various shapes.

Decorative garden stones give the yard a natural and harmonious look. The variety is huge and the options for unique decor are countless. Take a look at our beautiful decorative stones and our realized projects.

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